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Mama Swift was telling a group of us fans how happy Taylor was about learning how to use tumblr and that she will randomly burst into laughter when she’s on her phone and she could tell she was reading a post from tumblr.

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taylorswift seems really happy and that makes me really happy

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These songs are made up of words I didn’t say when the moment was right is front of me. These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person. To the beautiful boy whose heart I broke in December. To my first love who I never thought would be my first heartbreak. To my band. To a mean man I used to be afraid of. To someone who made my world very dark for a while. To a girl who stole something of mine. To someone I forgive for what he said in front of the whole world. 

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This speaks to me.

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Recording artist Ed Sheeran performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival
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EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO RED IN ORDER I LOSE MY SHIT WHEN IT GOES FROM I ALMOST DO TO WANEGBT IT MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD she’s like ‘i wanna call you but i won’t but i REALLY WANT TO I’M SO CLOSE TO CALLING YOU’ and then on the next track she’s just like ‘nah fuck it i’m done bye’

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taylorswift + tumblr (part one)

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Edmund + sass — requested by kindofkelly

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seriously tho am i the only one that hasnt got a taylor follow yet

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taylor once album five comes out:


OMG I just saw that post and realized it was made back when we still called it album 5 and now im crying 

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“I don’t Instagram pictures of myself for people to be like ‘Wow, that looks really sexy’ I take pictures of cute kittens, or when the ocean looks nice, or of a funny sign I saw in an airport. This philosophy extends to sexiness IRL as well. I like a more classic look. I always go back to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Red lipstick and a winged eyeliner — I think that looks nice”

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And I know it’s long gone and there was nothing else I could do…

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taylorswift 1989
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